Design team

Design team

OnofreCatala Castellar

OnofreCatala Castellar

Master of Architecture 


Master's degree in Architecture, core subject in Construction

_School of Architecture at the Polytechnic University of Valencia, Spain


Erasmus scholarship (European Union student exchange programme)

_School of Architecture at the University of Grenoble, France


Honours Spanish Technical Baccalaureate Certificate

Awarded within the top 20 students in the State of Valencia, Spain


Passionate about striking a balance between Design, Tradition and Sustainability. Ideas do not come out of the blue, they come from a thorough analysis of the different variables of the project (program, surrounding environment, climatic conditions, budget, culture, tradition, history, etc.). The work within an integrated multidisciplinary design team is the key to achieve successful designs. Good design improves places and daily life of people making a better world.

Professional Experience:

Onofre was a Project Manager Intern at one of the most remarkable projects by Santiago Calatrava in Spain: the Opera House of the City of Arts and Sciences in Valencia. Since then, in both Spain and China (where he currently works for the Urban Planning & Architectural Design Institute of Shanghai Fudan University), he has been working with increasing levels of responsibility on a wide range of projects: complex urban planning, building design, interior design, technical biddings and competitions. His duties have ranged from early design to project completion, including detail design, site supervision during construction and dealing with clients, their external advisers, contractors and overseas awarded partners like Mario BottaArchitetti or Atkins. All this work experience makes him an all-round Architect with a holistic approach, used to work in different scales and multidisciplinary teams.

Selected Project Experience:


·         Jiayuguan Art museum

Architectural design for a museum located in Jiayuguan, Gansu province, China (11,000 m2)

·         Hotel complex

Architectural design for a hotel, sport center and car motel in Yitong, Jilin province, China (GFA 15,500 m2)

·         Social Welfare Institution

Architectural design for a social welfare institution in Shanghai, China (GFA 7,500 m2)

·         Social housing block

Architectural design for a housing block in Alginet, Valencia, Spain (GFA 5,040 m2)

·         Residential block

Architectural design for a housing block in La Pobla de Vallbona, Valencia, Spain (GFA 5,877 m2)

·         Residential development

Architectural design for a residential development of detached and semidetached houses in the Canary Islands, Spain (GFA 11,220 m2)

·         Several refurbishment projects of flats and stores